Gillian Ellen

Recollections of wartime in Kent.

Wartime in Chalk

Gillian Ellen was born in Chalk, a village near Gravesend airport, in 1940. She remembers seeing planes flying over whilst being told off by her mother for watching the planes above rather than running to the large air raid shelter in the back of the garden.

Gillian recalls a family friend going to the cinema with friends one afternoon but never returning home as a bomb hit the road next to the cinema.

A frightening and exciting time

Whilst Gillian’s memories are limited she remembers the war being both a frightening and exciting time. On one occasion when a bomb dropped on a nearby farm Gillian’s mother rushed to the shelter before lying on Gillian to protect her – the blast threw her mother against the wall, imbedding fragments of grit into her skin, however Gillian was safe.

At the end of the war, Gillian recalls attending a memorial service at Chalk Parish Church. The service was also attended by German prisoners of war held in nearby Denton, who had not yet been sent back to Germany.

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