Albert Jupe

Photo:Record of War Damage Claim made after the destruction of the family's home

Record of War Damage Claim made after the destruction of the family's home

Albert Jupe

Recollections of a particularly dangerous air raid.

During the war years Albert Jupe, lived with his parents in Bromley. As a child he collected Dinky toys, which his father bought for him on Friday afternoons when Albert met him from work. One day he was playing with the toys when an air raid occurred. The speed of events meant that the family did not have time to reach their air raid shelter in the garden before the bomb fell, shattering their windows and causing the ceiling to fall down.

Albert and his family sought shelter at their neighbours’ house – shortly after they had arrived another bomb fell between the houses and the shelters. Fortunately neither of the families had decided to use the outdoor shelters on that occasion. The bomb destroyed Albert’s home and he and his family stayed at a school in Downham until a house was found for them.

Albert continues to collect model cars, as they bring back fond memories of his father who passed away when Albert was young.


Albert Jupe
Albert Jupe (40k)
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